About Us

About Us

About Georgia's Corner Market

We’re a small, family owned restaurant in the rural community of Vancleave, MS. Our family’s roots run deep here, and there is nowhere else we would want to raise our family or serve our community.

Food is a passion of ours, who are we kidding... it is LIFE. Magic happens when you can combine what you love to do with work ethic and an A+ team. Our team has a true love for food and a creativity to match it. We have a constant dialog about it… what new recipes have been tested, where we have eaten recently, what were favorite dishes growing up… we build our menu and our every changing lunch special based on these discussions. It’s hard to put a label on what we do… but if I were to try, I’d say traditional Gulf South dishes with a modern flair.

From the beginning of my childhood, my earliest memories are of my grandparent’s kitchen and watching PBS cooking shows (Justin Wilson!) with my PawPaw Santa Cruz. My grandparents allowed me the opportunity to experiment with food, mostly the sweet stuff, but lots of lessons were learned in that humble little kitchen.

As life progressed and I found myself working as a server at a restaurant owned by family friends, I once again was inspired and taught by a fabulous little woman named Georgia. Mrs. Georgia was impactful enough in my life that we named our daughter Georgia… hence the namesake of our little market! This experience taught me much about food and its impact on people in the public domain. And for the record… I truly believe everyone should experience working in the service industry at some point in life, it’s some of the hardest work you will ever do, humbling, but character building nonetheless.

Fast forward many more years, several different career paths born from a variety of passions, and here we are. We’ve put our heart and soul into serving our community. Just as importantly as food is to us, the opportunity to serve our neighbors is equally a priority. We believe if you have the avenue to help others, then the opportunity to make a difference and an impact if there for the taking. We have and plan to continue to support our local community in as many ways as possible, especially the children.

So here we are, amidst a pandemic, cooking with the best team around and serving our most favorite coastal town. Stop by and visit with us, and be on the lookout for our littles… Georgia, Beau, and Jack working the market as well… we’re a true family-run business and would love for ya’ll to come by for a visit!

Special Thanks...

I would like to take a moment to share with ya’ll a special thank you to the people who have made this possible.

First my husband Kenny, who has always believed I could do anything I put my mind to- from teaching, owning a gym, to our little market... words are not enough to express the appreciation and love I have for this man who has made all my dreams come true and continues to support my passions. He’s the best support team around by far!

My daddy, Jimmy, who encouraged me to take this chance and transform this building of his into what it is today. He has taught me a work ethic paralleled by none and given me the platform to make a difference in our town. His passion for helping others has inspired my own desire to do the same for our people. I only pray I can be a mere shadow of what he is, for it will be far more than I deserve.

My sister Kelly and Uncle Rosco for helping me envision and physically change this vacant building and turning it into what it is now. It’s a truly unique and beautiful space.

My family and friends for allowing me to have culinary freedom and experiment with food and being so gracious as we’ve journeyed through this endeavor.

Our team...thank you for being the best of the best… for your hard work, enthusiasm, expertise, and passion, all of which comes through in every meal we serve. I consider myself quite blessed to be surrounded by each of you.

To my children... I pray that this market gives you wings. That you find joy in the work of serving others and value in a hard day’s work. May this humble place give you passion and confidence to change the world in your own way one day.

Our Mission

Our mission at Georgia’s Corner Market is to make creative food that honors our roots and traditions coupled with using the highest quality ingredients possible while serving our community with gratitude and providing a family friendly space for traditional Southern hospitality.